Monday, November 23, 2009

A reflection upon life and an analysis of "As Dark Turns to Light" with harmonica

It is 11:46 in the P.M. Sleep is of the essence, but I am a student and such luxuries are unattainable. I have three essay questions left, and regardless of whether I complete them or not I will awake at 6:50 and begin the schedule.

All right we’ve sated my case and perhaps as intended made an effort to support my cause with it’s noble efforts. Oooh Barry Rowen gave up some of his precious time for the sake of art.

Fuck that.

As Dark Turns To Light

There is an air of greatness within this song, and before anything more is said I must state, it’s a love story. In the degradation and filth that is world history, despite it, in some place, love was found. Residents of the Napoleonic era conquered the world by finding one another. A man, a captain, whoever you like, flew a carriage through that death trap knows a the ocean. He stood at the end of his journey in dry sand, a desert flower in front of him. At this point there was nothing to loose.

What’s one year i could spend a thousand more. I’ll make good to you.

The history of man is one filled of deception, divorce, and loss. We all die, no really we do. My cousin ( scratch that I’m tired of referring to her as “my cousin”) Kim. My childhood idol, my catalyst for liking the backstreet boys and then n’sync (in that order), the adult with control. Kim may be dead in 24 hours or a month. Then it is over. At this point we face memories and collective sittings of thoughts upon the lost. Do we band together?

I suppose that is life. You band together. The Beatles banded together, but someone left. Simon and Garfunkel banded together, but Paul wanted more. We’ve all met men and women whom we have banded together with “,There is something to be gained here, all in all we could have a good run.” we thought. We gain being headstrong, we gain children, we gain fulfillment for good or bad. What good is fulfillment, where will that get me. No one knows. Damn shame too. There are no answers, I know this.
I’ve spent every year since those “enlightening” conclusions regarding a god in the sixth grade, trying to find answers, but the course has shifted. I’m not an archeologist digging up the gospel of judas.
“Oh there was a part of the bible they left out, no way. I cannot believe it.”
Man could never do that. Sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm. I’m not looking to be saved.

I enjoy being comfortable, happy in so many words. Happy.
That’s what this song is. This song is happy it is the beauty of brilliance, the joy of beating the odds of all other relationships. Regardless of where the relationship that inspired it is, it is a document, an account of just being okay with life at the moment.
If there is anything I’ve come to realize in the midst of the crisis I’m in, nearing it’s sixth month, that idea is inviting. Call it a plea for love, family, soul mate, friend, god damn it (ha) let it take me on. Is that selfish. No, I mentioned family. i had a family six months ago, I had an outdoor parking space, and I had a home i recognized. draw the shades as dark turn to light.

So as to not necessarily corner this into a guilt ridden plea, i assert hat this is simply a poetic love song which needs to be heard just as well as the others on “Some Things”
I did think about this. This isn’t a song of a girl you loved once, or a Guthrie tune translated, fixed, and reversed. This is a powerful statement. This is power, no different than the love in a pop punk song. The rhythm pick you up in “I will spend my life alone.” Despite it’s title you feel good. The lyrics in “As Dark Turns to Light” are what pick you up. The dedication to another person against all odds, that’s what people care about. Fighting odds. Maybe that’s to assertive, that’s what I care about.

I don’t know about music, movies, paintings, maybe it’s all just about getting off. Expression, I sound like a foreigner to the subject, but i have created before, and maybe that’s where I get the right to judge others. I’ll get off making Suburbanites 3. It tells a story. I like stories.

In closing:

Life= Problem= Solution= Getting off and being happy.

Things are completely awful and unbearable right now and they are terrific and wonderful. That’s fucked up!