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Totally My Film

It was somewhere after new years, after Austin grabbed that perfect shot that seemed to some up the whole of what had been going down for months between these two people. It was that shot, the one in which he looses his voice, telling the camera that he too notices his supposed girl with another man. It’s not a shock, but its pretty crippling. Its incredibly apparent though, that’s the main feature of this piece of film. There was a moment that evening in the basement filled with Covington's finest musicians, amongst wannabes, high school alumni, and communal thrill-seekers. The moment he lifted that almighty Fender, which itself seemed to evoke the words “This will be the electric guitar I play,” this moment was strummed into the celebration of relief. A year was gone, and it isn’t as though in the grand scheme 2009 was terrible for everyone. For me I lost more than I’ve lost in my life, and more than I’ll probably loose for a good while. It wasn’t all horrible though I gained friends, rekindled relationships, and became aware of the world behind Larry A. Ryle. The point is if you gained anything of 2009, despite any loss there was an excitement as to what may be gained in the following year. You had endured and that was the biggest part.

“You are the cause to all my happiness, the cause to all my pain, I will drop my heart into your hand, forever you can claim, I’m not a man.”

The lyrics the exact mood of this endurance “, I’ve lived through you and ‘Our’ relationship, and now I’m moving on, alive.”

There are a great many documentaries and documentarians to dislike out there

Morgan Spurlock!

and bias is far too loud and strong to evoke the true situation deeming a documentary like an article or a novel, an attempt to encapsulate a moment in time. I’m no better than anyone else. I take bias and mold it to how I pictured the situation  and in the end all documentary film makers realize in their frustration to extract a plot (due to an overall lack of every detail regarding the situation) that it is best to simply capture the meaning and hand out the lesson of the moment. What did the character do? What did he learn?
It’s critical. It’s being critical of one of my best friends and it’s just hard sometimes.
I never had the intention of making a feature film. I was told “Bring your camera and come over!” We hung out, we still hang out, but now that I have edited every moment meticulously, now that ever joke I make, the ones referring to a time that we hung out, is a product of an editing love affair, whats real? I think I have filmed one night in the past four, going on five months. I’ll be at one year of filming come May 8th.

I want to tell a story. My intentions are almost humanitarian. I want the people who see this film feel that they aren’t alone, that here is a friend of mine who was bon iver, who was an avett brother. This is Louis, The Tallest Man on Earth.

I don’t plan. If I planned shots, if I scoped out destinations, we would be hollow. We’ll do take away shows here and there, thats what keeps it real. What it comes down to most of all is Louis knows I’m making a movie with all this footage. He wrote all the songs which mean he put in all the detail. he sings it loud and picks it out, dishing out how he made it through, and I film it.

Once we feel we’re older, the moment the album is done, it will feel like it.

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This is Henry.
Henry owns a small congregation.
The longest production for a Barry Rowen Film
Is gone be totes good BTW!

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Dear Wes Anderson,

I hate you now. You took all the good songs. hipsters will murder you in your sleep several years from now having discovered your films.

-Barry Rowen (Dictated and Read! bitch)